Teaching Old Testament

After using a lecture model for 15 years, I redesigned my freshman level, Introduction to the Old Testament class using the model of a flipped classroom. I moved the content delivery outside the classroom in the form of videoed lectures and moved to active learning assignments during class time.

The move to an active learning environment was a challenge for me (I’m a performer at heart). I read broadly, picked my colleagues brains, and searched the internet for ideas. This site represents the fruit of that labor. Hopefully, it keeps others from having to reinvent the wheel.

Some I came up with myself. Many ideas are modifications of classroom activities my colleagues have used. Some are borrowed or modified from Mark Roncace and Patrick Gray's texts Teaching the Bible from the Society of Biblical Literature publications.

The activities are ordered: Canon, Torah, Prophets, Writings. I have also tried to tag the activities to aid in searching as well.

Daily Active Learning Activities

In addition to the active learning assignments, the grading system (developed by my colleague, Jim Halverson and myself) has been a bright star in this class reorganization. The assessment system to be based on a “video game” model. It allows students to save their progress and “level-up” during the semester.

This has allowed us to move away from the "collecting points" or "averaging grades" model and toward testing skills.

Grading System